Welcome to Dog Daze Grooming Spa. Discover the Difference of why Dog Daze is Fairbanks, Alaska's premier dog grooming shop. We also offer a self-wash for those in between groomings for the do it yourself type.

We are a full service grooming shop with 30 years experience and training. We have been in business in Fairbanks since 2000. We offer quality, soft grooming, with heat free drying as your pet's safety is our primary concern.

We will spend the extra time with each pet and owner making sure the grooming is what is best suited for the pet with it's looks and welfare in mind. We always try to suit the owners wishes but if it is not possible because of coat condition  or behavior this is stated up front to the owner.

Our prices are all inclusive, so the owner doesn't get a surprise when they pick up their dog. All grooms include ears cleaned/plucked, nails trimmed/dremmeled, anal glands and bath. We tell you up front if a special request is an add-on.

Owners are always welcome to stay and watch their pet or any others being groomed as long as they remain an observer rather than a participant.

We welcome you to stop in and visit us. Thank you for visiting our site and have a pawriffic day!